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Doorway 54 – Buy now for £1.99

Doorway 54, a top 10 selling YA LGBTQ novel on Amazon,  is available to order at the special price of £1.99 (Kindle) and £7.99 (Paperback) from Amazon stores listed below. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member you can get Doorway 54 for free.

Please note, some regions are eBook only.

front cover FINAL

Joey Eaton has two choices; to step back or to jump forward. Three days ago he was sitting his final exam, and heading to London was to be a celebration of his new start. He now finds himself looking down into the Thames wondering which choice to make.

Now that his secrets have been revealed, Joey believes that departing his suffocating hometown can solve his problems. Over the summer he meets The Nomad, Jenny, Pete and Mimi and quickly learns how every person can be connected. From Fleet Street to Marylebone, each destination provides another twist in his story that he needs to battle in order to survive.

A chance encounter with Dee Dee, a West Indian café owner, offers Joey an opportunity to finally discover his worth, but is he too late to accept it? Doorway 54 is an LGBTQ coming-of-age tale.